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Stuff and Nonsense

About Me

I am a single mom who is working toward transcend her current state of life and get to where she wants to go. I am currently a nursing student, who's headed toward becoming a nurse! :) This journal, for me, is an ongoing conversation between me, my friends, and the states of our hearts, minds, and souls, and I look forward to it every chance I get...
(w)holistic medicine, acts of kindness, alchemy, art, beat culture, brigit, buddhism, comics./graphic novels, countercultures! :), depeche mode, ethnobotany, friends, glass art, gnostic spirituality, herbal medicine, hippie culture, history/myth/culture, huichol art, intentional communities, lampworking, magicks of all kinds, matisyahu, mexican culture/art, mysticism, outsider art, paganism, poe, punk/diy culture, qabalah, radical and random arts, santeria, shamanism, siddham, star goddesses, tibetan culture/art, tori amos, trance, transcendence, transformation, tribal belly dance, tribal cultures, yoga